What We Do

  • Since our founding of Results in 2008, our focus has always been the client. 
  • Fiduciary Duty: Looking after the clients interest above our own – To do our best to help clients achieve their goals. 
  • Premiere advertising schedule: Local, Regional, National, International(Click here for details) giving your property the attention it needs to be seen by the RIGHT audience 
  • Follow up and interacting with you, the client, keeping you informed 
  • Expert Contract Preparation – Addressing all things that come with land sales 
  • Expert in IRS TAX CODE 1031 Exchange – Forward and Reverse 
  • Proven sales history across the great state of Kansas 

Our staff is committed to making a real difference for our clients and we genuinely care for the people we serve.  Our clients depend on us to not only be approachable and interested in their project, but to understand the scope of the project at hand.   

We return every call, every email, our attention to detail produces sound solutions for the most important people we know, our clients. 

  • Accuracy 
  • Timely 
  • Comprehensive 
  • Cost Effective 
  • Easy to read and understand 


  • Estate Planning 
  • Time of Death valuation to step up your basis in the property 
  • Sale of the farm-establishing fair market value for internal transaction or open market 
  • Lending 
  • Valuation for fair market value 
  • Negotiations-internal or external sales 
  • Expert Contract Preparation 
  • Planning and execution of IRS Tax Code 1031 Exchange-Forward and Reverse 
  • Resolving undivided Interests-surface and mineral 
  • Minerals-Helping owners find solutions with their mineral interests 
  • Evaluation and Execution of Farm leases(also See Farm Management) direct link to farm management page 
  • Tenancy – Written Lease or Oral Agreement
  • Evaluation of farms capabilities-is your farm producing what it should 
  • Evaluation of Water rights and appropriations

What is Farm Management?

Farm Management can be difficult to define because it encompasses so many different services that come together in many different ways to accomplish a landowners goals.

Our clients include a variety of people such as farm owners, investors, tenants, bankers, lenders, attorneys and accountants. In fact, we can help anyone involved with a farm.

Have a farm related issue you would like to discuss? Results/Halderman can help!


You can expect a farm manager to:

Become familiar with the farm, farm owner, operator (where applicable) and the expectations for the farm operation and perform a complete inspection of the farm

Make recommendations regarding lease alternatives and discuss the income potential and benefit of each

Locate the best qualified operator (if necessary) or meet with the current operator and negotiate a lease agreement

Monitor participation in and compliance with applicable government programs

Develop a soil testing and monitoring program for the long term fertility improvement of the farm

This is just the beginning of what Results/Halderman can do for you! Each of our clients have different needs, desires and directions in mind for their farms. We listen to our clients and develop unique plans for each landowner.

  • Valuation of property
  • Capabilities of property
  • Assistance with an internal sale to family member or tenant
  • Tenancy – Written Lease or Oral Agreement
  • IRS Tax Code 1031 Exchange
  • Undivided Interest
  • Mineral Rights and Production
  • Water Rights
  • Wind Rights and Leases
  • Recreational Land