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 Welcome to Results.

“I hope you enjoy the many changes to our site and mission. As the Owner, Broker and Founder of Results, I have continually endeavored to evolve into more than just a brokerage, we are a professional real estate service’s company. I have been shifting towards this for several years, I can better support my clients in this every changing market.

One of my greatest passions in this business is and has always been to help the landowner with landowner specific issues and problems and finding solutions for them. This continues to drive me. Taking Results to a consulting-based platform allows me to go steps further in what I believe is overlooked in today’s real estate agencies.

I have helped countless clients achieve their goals, helped families get complex estates settled, executed dozens of 1031 exchanges to defer capital gains. All these experiences brought me to this point, the understanding that so much work needs to be done before deciding to liquidate or retain.

Over the last several years, many of my transactions have successfully gone unnoticed, that is by design, confidentiality is paramount. Our Comprehensive approach brings value to the client, and that is what this is about, Value for the Client. 

Why Results

What Results Provides Our Clients

The fiduciary accepts legal responsibility for duties of care, loyalty, good faith, confidentiality, and more when serving the best interests of a beneficiary. Strict care must be taken to ensure that no conflict of interest arises to jeopardize those interests.
•     A fiduciary duty involves actions taken in the best interests of another person or entity.  
•     Fiduciary duty describes the relationship between an attorney or agent and a client or a guardian or a ward.
•     Fiduciary duties include duty of care, loyalty, good faith, confidentiality, prudence, and disclosure.
•     A breach of fiduciary duty occurs when a fiduciary fails to act responsibly in the best interests of a client.
•     A fiduciary cannot legally compensate another fiduciary with the client’s money.
Transparent businesses have a bias towards their clients. They value them more than they value their numbers. So they take care of them and in return, their people take care of the numbers. That’s how companies succeed in the long term.
•         Creating trust between client and agent
•     Loyalty-The client knows they can trust broker
•     Increases the brokers accountability to the client
•     Straightforward conversations with my clients real estate project
•     It allows for a clearer overview
•     It increases the company’s ability to adapt to changes
Knowledge through Experience is much more valuable to the client than knowledge from study.  My experience in agricultural real estate is lifelong, as a licensed agent/broker, since 2002.  Tens of thousands of acres of land sold, dozens of 1031 Exchanges has given me extensive knowledge how to handle simple to the most complex transactions
The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles that you refuse to change

Whether you plan to sell your property or retain it, you need to have an accurate assessment of your farm’s value. 

Now that you know what your farm is worth – what’s next?

Not all real estate needs result in liquidation of your farm. However, when it does, Results is here to guide you throughout the entire process.